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Default Re: Worst Ice Storm on Record

Originally Posted by zimno1 View Post
i saw a pic my buddy took of me the other day delivering mail. he said how miserable i looked. i said "did i have a cigar in my mouth?" and he said "it was a f#@*#@* blizzard! of course not! i said, look again! and i wanted to get it to post here but it was sad enough to see it so i never asked. some things are best forgotten. wow, alot of snow. we lucked out with only a few inches and turned to rain and sleet. p.s., i got a package in the mail today. i wanted to wait till xmas to open but i am like a little kid so the family i got was only missing goldilocks. i got the mama bear the papa bear and the baby bear!
goldie locks is in the works.... LMAO!!!
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