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Default Re: Wrap finish on Hex blanks

Hi Capt Neil

I use the Flexcoat Hi build. I will try what you suggested, I also thought of another way now you mentioned let stand. If I apply a thin coat on all the corners first,maybe even 4 to 5 coats, then coat the the whole wrap it may work better than what I have done.

I have some Cape Fear blanks, had about 8 left so I am building a few up as Musky rods for the Canadian inland waters, I have a coupe that have very soft tips, for about the first 10 inches from the tip, these will make great Bass rods for the heavier slop.

Neil your idea got me thinking and now I will try it this winter and be sure to let you know how it works.

I have built can rods before which is the same shape, but these rods are fly and the amount of finish on the fly rods should be minmial, but the heavier rods need a better coating to help with the rough usuage and hoepfully "FISH" abused.

Great place to find info. Need to get down there and fish for the Stripers, Gunny told me about the excitment and I am planning an excursion down there in the next year or two.

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