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Default Re: Epoxy Vs. Auto Clear Coat

Most important thing to remember is the order of events...

each step is only as good as the one before it....If the sealer doesnt stop the plug from soaking in water it will split.
, if the primer doesnt stick to the plug (due to contamination or lack of dryness of the sealer) it wont matter what you finish it with....

There are alot of different finishes that work, every one of them has their draw backs.

I use E-tex, but finished my plugs for years with Varnish.... it worked for Creek chub, it worked for me and countless other plug builders and carpenters long before the epoxy craze.

some guys use System 3 2 part epoxy and love it otheres use Devcon one hour epoxy and love it...

You probably want to stay away from poly coats, as they tend to yellow with time....

the key is to find something that is easily attainable and works for your "system"
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