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Default Hey Newb here ;P some equipment advice please :P

Hey while im not a stranger to fishing in general as i grew up doing plenty of freshwater fishing in Massachusetts and since moving back to long island when i was 12 (31 now) ive done plenty of crabing and charter boats from fluke& flounder to blues and strippers etc, but i never invested in my own salt water equipment. About a week ago i picked up a cheap 50$ rod and real shakespear combo with a 6:1 Ratio real and some 14 lb test mono line on it with a 8' rod and screwed around down on the local marina down in sayville. This has fueled the fire to get into this hobby more, im looking to maybe use that cheap rig for now to use some plugs or jigs while i deadstick on a another rod for blues in the area but im also interested in going for stripers and other fish and fishing other locations like montauk etc. was looking at maybe picking up at penn battle 2 tonight on a 10' rod from local sporting goods to use for some dead sticking? is this a decent combo what kinda line should i grab for it ? any suggest plugs / jigs / hooks + weights to grab while im at it and what kinda line should i grab for leaders on my rigs. ive read so many articals at this point ive lost focus. After messing around on the dock over here and hitting up some other similar type locations i may want to get into surfcasting of some beaches accessed via 4x4 at that point would i want something even longer then the 10' or would that do the job for now. sorry for bad spelling and grammar in advanced :D. Was thinking the 6000 or 8000? thoughts?
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