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Default Lake Elsinore California Good News

Lake Elsinore: The lake was stocked with 20,000 pounds of hybrid striped bass, or wipers, over the first two weeks of June.

Lake Esinore and San Jacinto Watershed Authority: minutes from last years meeting.
Good news: An item to recommend a purchase order to obtain striped bass for Lake Elsinore.
LESJWA has been working on this for two years now, starting with the initial recommendation from Dr.Arlo Fast that stated the benefits of stocking hybrid striped bass in the lake. With the authorization of the Fishery Management Plan, EIP Associates put together a hybrid striped bass assessment for Lake Elsinore and they highly recommended putting striped bass in the lake to increase fishing and recreational opportunities, improve the water quality through bio-manipulation, and control the offspring of the carp and shad, which is particularly important now since the carp removal program isunderway and controlling the offspring is essential to the program. There also have been several meetings with the Department of Fish and Game (DFG). They have indicated their support for the program and had recommended that LESJWA complete the CEQA process for the stocking, which was done last month. The next step is to move forward and purchase the stripers. Staff recommends authorizing a purchase order with Kent SeaTech for 9,000 pounds of the striped bass. They are the only hybrid striped bass producers in the State of California and there are plenty of stripers available in the size needed. The opportune time to stock the bass is between now and mid-June. Also, the DFG is agreeable to moving forward to try to catch the stripers from Lake Matthews and are estimating that about 500 can be taken out of Lake Matthews in about a day withabout 30-40 volunteers, and then transporting them to Lake Elsinore. However, the striped bass in Lake Matthews right now are in weak condition and transporting them may result in 50% fish mortality, so they will need to determine the best time to deliver those stripers. Last, a task order must be authorized with the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB). It would include about $77,000 for a two-year striper stocking program, which includes costs for Kent SeaTech Farms, and also $2,500 for the DFG to purchase various equipment to assist in the relocation process. An additional $23,000 is needed for program management and administration management to continueto fund the JPA, for a total of $100,000 in funding requests. Director Lopez moved approval of the recommended actions, seconded by Director Wamsley, and the motion unanimously carried
Approval to: Prepare a purchase order with Kent SeaTech Corp. for 9,000 pounds of hybrid striped bass for an amount not-to-exceed $36,366; Prepare a purchase order with Department of Fish and Game to purchase equipment for catching and relocating striped bass for an amount not-to-exceed $2,500; and Prepare Task Order 9 with the State Water Resources Control Board to provide Proposition 13 funding for a two-year experimental striped bass/hybrid striped bass stocking program for an amount not-to-exceed $100,000.
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