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Default On "Hold-Out" aka "Pullin' a T.O." lol

Ok guys, I been on "Hold-Out" since yestahdee. I decided to pull a Terrell Owens. Have a few residential customers and one small business contract that have decided not send me payment for my work. Love it! Workin' fa free!!!! I was supposed to continue work at the small business yesterday, but refused to go in and provide any more of my services until I recieved payment for the 2 weeks previous. They are 2 weeks behind and I have gotten nothing from them. NO MONEY, NO WORK!!! I'm afraid thats the way it has to be now lol.

What do you guys think? Am I right in finally taking a stand? Or should I have given in and continued to work without being paid? It says right on my service contracts in bold black letters...."PAYMENT DUE UPON COMPLETION OF SERVICES". I completed 2 different jobs, they send me payment, then they want me to return to start another project.

In your opinion, who is on ACID here? Me, or the people who get work done for them and pay?

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