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Default Re: Knot Instruction.

you may as well close your eyes and for that matter pray for a fish while your at it! i teach all the googins how to tie knots. you my friend were of the handicapped variety so i was careful to be slow and methodical. sorry it takes it to be dark out to get it right. lol i ideally wanted to have a knot tying session at the cape but when i saw the water and wind i immediately wanted to throw the spey rod. the pia woman behind me i am used to at home as the beaches are always got lurkers watching as most don;t see flyfishing off the beach. i found the line i had was a bit too light as i need a 12w instead of the 11 i had put on. shoulda cast it before bringing it up. but no fish so wtf. perhaps at montauk next month if we can get a few moments

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