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Default Re: 2012 Big "D" spring fishing reports(post here)

Just off the river early was nasty got wet and beet up but stayed at it a located a hungry school of small bass and had a blast totaled 20 stripes 2 cats. 17 bass landed myself and 3 fRom step pop each with a cat largest bass was21" smallest 14" left them biting to.check.out a few other spots but no takers ill finish report later on way to work.
Updated: all fish were caught in 17-21 ft of water. Water was clean and clear but had 1-2 ft breakers early on and the wind against tide didn't help things after the tide began to fall the wind cut down enough to really move around and I jus used my chart and gps and got right on fish at the second of 6 spots fished. Coulda prob stay on those same fish for another hour easy they wouldn't let up but I had time limit and several spots to scout for the weekend at other locations So at 20 I tossed him back and pulled up and moved on but only small taps and one run but no hookups or fish landed. Waters averaged 49 did come across a area tht had 50 throughout the column. Marked wht looked like a big school of shad or herring near one of the ledges I scouted and if they were small bass They weren't biting. Marked alot more life on the river today weekend should bring out alot of anglers so chances r we will hear more good reports soon. Gps and nautical depth chart learn the travel habits of our river bass and u should do better than those around u.
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