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Default Looking to get ahold of the folks I fished with tonight

I fished with a gentleman name Jim and his wife tonight, he stopped by where I was losing tackle next to the rail trail on pine point tonight. He nicely showed me my way back to ferry beach. His wife joined us too. They where super friendly, sweet mom/dad couple. If you're on here or know how to get ahold of Jim or his wife, I forgot to give you my number before Ieft...
You where nice enough to let me borrow a rod holder, hell you tried to give it to me. I'd really enjoy fishing with you again. If any of you know how to get ahold of Jim, he likes to fish at ferry beach, drives a red Colorado, and drinks Mountain Dew. They both had some good stories. If you know who I'm talking about tell me where he beached his or your boat, or tell me what I drove or what you got your last deer with.
I hope You're on here or someone that knows you and your wife on here is. I truly enjoyed the night and have a bunch of decent brook fishing spots to tell you about.

to catch up
with you again, J
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