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Default rod: lami xs96mhs w/704z.. opinions

Lamiglas XS 96 MHS Graphite Surf & Jetty Spinning Rod

9' 6'' 2 1 - 3 12 - 30 5 Fast

got: 704z(hopefully bailess soon).. 30# fireline and a plug bag that mainly consists of stuff in the 1.5 ~ 2.25oz stuff.. like tins,med poppers and maybe some 5" swim shads. all around you can say.

been searching around and seeing most pair a 704z with a 10ft rod or bigger. i'm not that tall and more comfortable with a smallish type rod. used a 9ft w/spheros for a while and caught decent fish so i don't think distance is an issue.

what i would really like to do is go to a shop and physically try reel on rod. problem is no shop in SI stocks this rod. anybody locally can recommend a place ny/nj i can go? i'ma lami newb.. recently slinged an arra a couple of times and was hooked.

thanks for the help
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