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Default Vintage Penn reels, vintage Penn parts and the Penn Project

Many people use Penn reels and many also collect Penn reels. I do both and fish for a variety of species from kayaks, the surf, flats and BTBs. My vintage Penn reel collection, the result of an incurable illness and addiction to great fishing reels, keeps growing, and it leads me into areas I had not planned to go.

I did a search and saw this site and the mention of the Penn Project, so I thought since there is an interest in Penns here, I would join and ask a question.

First a little history. In searching for vintage Penns, I come in contact with and am contacted by a variety of people. Some have large stocks of vintage Penn supplies such as mint, unused left and right side plates, gears, springs of all sizes and kinds, but all for Penns, and about every Penn part you can imagine or think of.

Most of these people have no use for these parts and want to move them out either so they won't have to worry about them any more or to open space for other goods. None have a desire to work with vintage Penn reels. In one instance with side plates alone, we are talking about several hundred, and hundreds of other springs, gears and parts, all dating from the 1950s to the 1980s. A second person I am talking with right now has even more of all of these items, possibly thousands instead of hundreds. His are from the 1930s forward.

I have been thinking of buying these stocks and opening an online site stocking vintage Penn reel parts, from the late 1920s or 30s, when they first began production, through the 1980s. I realize this is probably not a scenerio where people are going to be beating your doors down for old (vintage) Penn parts, but do you all think there would be a need or demand for a service like this? I would really appreciate your thoughts.


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