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Default Boat day today: Piscataqua River/New Castle Sat. 17th July

Today was boat day. My bro, his friend, and myself headed out from Chapmans Landing. We cruised under the bridges, then trolled around through Goat Island etc. No luck. Then we went right out to the mouth of the Piscataqua. Put on 2ounces of weight, and let some mackerel drop. Actually saw some birds working. Fish & Game drove up in their boat, and told us they had seen plenty of nice fish caught right in the area, so we were "all set". They leave. Not even a minute later, my drag is melting. I'm hanging off the side of the boat holy s'in it like a little broad. Mind you, I was using an 8' 6" Ugly Stik INTERCOASTAL, which is not really suited for heavy chunking offshore. It has lots of play up top, and this rod was BOWED like a muther F'r. So I fought the fish for almost friggin minutes while my brother worked the throttle to keep from gettin hung up. Next thing you now, S L A C K L I N E. I reel in to see it snapped my 30# Fireline between the leader and the 2 ounce egg. Egg was still on, but no rig. Unreal. Without a doubt the biggest fish I have ever hooked up with. Ga ga ga gone.

Oh well. A beautiful day anyway. Until I got blown in half by the sun, started getting lightheaded, and had to have my brother take me back to the Wentworth Marina dock and drop me off lol. Walked up and sat on the grass in the shade for awhile, drank water, and called for a ride. My bro and his friend went back out, but I just talked to him and they had no luck after that.

So I lost a mammoth, then couldnt even continue the hunt cuz I didnt stay under the umbrella I'm burned up pretty good, even with 3 different slatherings of 30 SPF. Figyiz.

Had fun while I still felt ok though. I think the moral of this story is...

A.) Always replace your rig, ESPECIALLY when you KNOW the line is chaffed.


B.) An inter-coastal, marsh fisherman who fishes substantially more evening and early morning hours than afternoons has no business trying to go out on boat for a whole day in weather like todays, especially when you havent seen that many of hours sun at one time. It was too much.

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