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Originally Posted by T_i_G_e_R View Post
My favorite time to fish is right after work... it has just gotten dark, you are all stressed out from the absolute idiotic behavior of people at work, and you have just slammed down a red bull, thrown your rod of choice in the car, sped down the road, and jumped out to tie on. You cast a 2 oz swimmer 80 or so yards out, and begin reeling in slowly... and WHAM... your drag starts spinning, and you can't beleive the tug of war that ensues... what comes next is a dance we all do in the moonlight and tranquil solitude that we call "fishing." Although fishing is more to us that we even know. It is the way we express... exude... our inate instincts to seperate ourselves from our peirs and hunt. Men were supposed to hunt, to dominate his prey, to get away from domestic life to live... truely live. I beleive our minds-body-and soul experience a prehistoric rush of euphoria as we subconciously experience the act repeated trillions of times by our ancestors before us as we predate... having the utmost respect for the predators that we prey upon. CATCH AND RELEASE... BRING A CAMERA... TAKE THAT PICTURE... let the monster fish go back to the dark water (unless of course you are starving and can't afford food).
I know this is old, but just came cross and had to comment. Great post. I wish my wife could understand this. Fishing is so much more to me than a hobby or recreation. It's an impulse, a desired, a must do. Again, great post. Those are the words of a true fisherman.
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