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Originally Posted by Striper777
Do u have fish in it yet??

I want to get an aquarium, but i dont know where do start. My parents use to have a nice one, but i dont know what happened to it. My friends also says he will sell me his for cheap like 80$$ that one is HUGE Though its gotta be atleast 5 feet long. Is that a good deal considering it is in good shape and everything? I also was wandering if i could some how but like a largemouth bass or catfish in it, but i dont know if you can do that. Also what would i need to get for the bottom of the tank and stuff if i put a largemouth bass in it??


O ya an my mom still has like like a fake looking coral thing and a treasure chest that when it opens it bubbles. And other little stuff like a little cave. I dont know if that stuff would be usefull or not anyways.And do they sell largemouth bass at like pet-co or somthing or would i have to get them specially ordered
If its over 5 feet long its gotta be a 72 gallon. Wickid nice tank. I am going to upgrade from my 40 to either the 72 gallon Bow Front, or the 94 gallon Corner tank (also a bow front). Anyhow, if he only wants 80 bucks, and its really that big, then yeah, I'd say snag it. If it comes with the wood stand, EVEN BETTER!

If its going to be your first tank, then I would recommend trying a freshwater setup out. If your hell bent on doing a marine tank, you have to understand it really is a HOBBY and it will demand even MORE TIME from you than a freshwater tank will. A marine (saltwater) tank will also cost you more to start up, and maybe a little more to maintain. BUT, with that said, the selection and types of Marine fish you can get are so much better than freshwater. Harder to keep, but with more reward.

You definitely wont find any bucketmouths at the pet shop. Like I mentioned earlier in this thread, I have caught baby bass, and I have read ALOT of literature about keeping them in a tank, and in the long run, it's not good to do unless you have A VERY LARGE TANK, atleast 100 gallons or more. These fish will grow 3 times their size between a year or 2. The maintaince and upkeep of them would be so much, you really have to devote alot of your time to taking care of them. If you cant commit all of that, its not worth getting into.

I'd LOVE to have 2 baby Largemouths, but it's cruel to keep them tanked up like that if you cant maintain them the whole way through.

P.S. I used Bacter-Vital to cycle my tank, but I still waited 7 days before adding a fish. I put in an Orange Spotted Goby (bottom dweller and sand sifter). And I added a Maroon Clownfish (looks like "Nemo", 'cept he's Maroon not Orange). Tuesday night.

I will post some pics of the fish I will have in my tank....

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