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Default Re: Where can I get a ball rasp???

For eyes you should be using a forsner (drill) bit to match the eye size. Well that's what I and most others use for the eyes. I have bought from (I mention them in my above post)and they are a very good company to deal with. As you may well know always be aware who you deal with on Ebay.

For use these part numbers jackbass has listed in the search box 18N1Q, 18N4Q, 18n1H or 18N4H These at woodcraft are also the Kutzall brand. I usually get my burr bits from my Snap-On dealer, it is pricey but convienent and last forever or until I lose them.

You can get the Forsner bits at Lowes or HD, Their sets dont compete with a Freud set that I had(got stolen with a bunch other tools) but will do the job at a much cheaper price. If you really want quality forsner bits then get the Freud, these are what most cabinet making shops use.
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