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Default Long Branch Lake (Northeast Region)

Long Branch Lake (Northeast Region)
Information: (660) 785-2420
Long Branch Lake, located in Macon County, is a 2,400-acre Corps of Enginners flood control reservoir. Largemouth bass surveys were not conducted in spring 2009 due to high water and poor sampling conditions. Bass numbers have been historically low at Long Branch Lake, but those that are caught by anglers are generally 15 inches or longer. Walleye, last stocked in 2001 are beginning to diminish, but a trophy can still be found. A good time to fish for walleye at Long Branch Lake is in late March when they are spawning along the dam. Hybrid striped bass were initially stocked in 2005 and stocking has continued though 2009. Hybrids have survived well and in a recent survey, fish up to 24 inches long were captured, with a few in the 5 to 7 pound range! During the spring and summer, anglers should concentrate on fishing main lake points, also keeping a watch out for schooling hybrids breaking the surface feeding upon gizzard shad. Channel catfish in the 2-3 pound range will continue to provide good action for bank anglers and those fishing the flooded timber in the Long Branch and East Fork of Little Chariton River arms. Large blue catfish are not uncommon; jugs fished with shad are most effective in spring and early fall. Flathead catfish are more difficult to catch, but are available to those willing to use live bait in the upper arms of the lake near old river channels. Crappie grow slowly at Long Branch Lake and a very small percentage reach a size (> 9 inches) desirable to anglers. Abundant, small common carp can provide fast action for pole and line angling and bow fishing. A barrier free fishing dock near the marina enhances the fishing opportunities at this lake.
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