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Default 10# P-line Fluoro is great--Lands 25# king salmon in river!!

I went last minute to the local sporting store to pick
up some carbon pro before my father and I headed up to
the muskegon River (in michigan) and they were out of
Carbon pro which is great and the only other options
were P-line and Berkley Vanish which I know from
experience is horrible--very bad knot strength. The
P-line fluoro worked great and may even be a bit
stronger than Carbon Pro....10# P-line was
consistently snapping my 12# XL main leaderon snags...lucky
that I was not winter steelheading b/c all of that
extra knot tying would have really got me mad..Next
time i'll use a 14# main line if I use 10# P-line.
However, it does have a little more memory than Carbon
Pro but it's not excessive. Fluoro leaders are great
for helping u hook and land great lakes salmon in the tributaries. With regular mono u'd have to drop down to 4-6#to get hits and with fluorocaron u can use 8# and often 10#. The leader held up fine during the 150 yard run throgh a fast rocky stretch of river. Bottom line p-line fluorocarbon is strong and is much cheaper than carbon pro which is the only other fluro that I'll trust for tough light tackle applications. Wish I coud post a picture but the film needs to be developed.
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