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Originally Posted by ajbell11
When fishing with crabs around (Spider, Lady, and a few Green) is it better to keep the bait moving, or just let the crabs take their toll while waiting for the big one... Thanks a lot for the input everyone.
My experience is if a crab is on your bait you won't catch a striper. You can keep moving, or if you feel a crab, give a a hard tug and see if he'll come off.

OR - try a "Hi-Low" rig or a FLOAT rig.

Basically, you put the weight at the end of your line. You put your hook&bait 12-18 inches above the wieght. You use a 3-way swivel. Basically, you have the 3-way. One end is a line with the weight, one end is a line with the hook/bait, and the other end goes to your pole. Then, if needed put a float, put it on the hook line.
Personally, I just move the bait and skip the float or a special rig
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