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Here's my .02 cents as I learned to fish for stripers in CT (Milford Harbor) and I can honestly say that stripers of CT harbors act differently than stripers of RI, MA, and ME (other places I have caught "ocean" stripers.

When I fish a CT harbor with chunk, I use the baitrunner. I drop a chunk on a 6/0 or 7/0 J style hook, cast out to a favorite hole, and put the baitrunner on free spool.

Theroy I was taught, if a striper tugs and feels tension they will drop the bait. So, the bait runner lets the striper fool around with the chunk. When the striper is in mid pull, engage the drag and set the hook.

ALWAYS hold your pole. You will miss very few hits.

Caught lots of CT stripers that way.

For baits, I find worms work best May-June, but by July 1 you want eels or chunk bunker. Why - Porgies will steal your worm faster than you can bait them.

Clams are great, but I have yet to find a decent supplier in CT. In other states you can get fresh whole clams that stripers fight over. In CT I've only found frozen junk that attracts sandsharks.

If you get a lot of blues, use some wire leader or 50#+ mono leader. I've caught schoolies and 25#+ stripers on wire leaders. I don't think it makes much difference when you are chunking.

Good luck
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