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By live lining, you mean hooking a live mackerel and letting him swim around attracting fish? If so, no- my friends and I use the baitrunner function fairly unprofessionally. We purchase frozen mackerel at the bait shop, cut into strips and put on the hook. The literature I received with my reel didnt detail the fine points of using the runner, so we just assumed it was useful at any time, given that it does provide a solid indication of when the fish is actively pulling as opposed to nibbling or crabs.
I will have to look into those live bait hooks, though I dont know where to find live mackerel around here. I live in Connecticut, in the New Haven area, so I could come by "Kellies" fairly easily. I think this is a slang name so you might or might not be familiar, but these are small dark fish which are fairly common in the area. Measuring in 2-4" they might be large enough??? Anyway, thanks for your input on this- and if you or anyone else think of anything, feel free to add it! Thanks
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