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Default Looking for a little help

Hello, I've been fishing in CT for a couple weeks now, but I'm still a relatively inexperiecned fisherman (1 1/2 years). I've caught a couple mid sized stripers recently, but have a also lost a couple and am looking for some opinions on Baitrunner reels. Now, it seems to me that if a fish (be it blue, striper etc.) hits very hard, and the baitfeeder/runner system is off, he will hook himself. However if the bait system is on and I cant get to it fast enough I sometimes dont catch the fish. Is it recommended or not to keep the bait system active? Also, I tend to prefer nylon coated steel leaders with a smallish bluefish hook for their durability. I also have monofil leaders with smaller striper hooks. I've had fish on both types, but has anyone else noticed a fish not biting one or the other? Thanks

(Using mackerel for bait)
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