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Default Re: Decent Conventional/casting

Now that makes sense. Surf and bridge tend to be totally different animals.

The rods and reels I use on the surf would be destroyed the first time I try to crank a borderline legal bass up onto the bridge. There's no way the reel, Abu 6500 or Shimano 400 Te Conquest, would be able to do it, the gears would be stripped or, more likely, the peg the holds the anti-reverse dog would be ripped right out of the sideplate (been there, done that).

For the bridge a Gator Glass rod in the 9' range would be the cheap way to go, a Rainshadow 1209 would be the best way to go. Be sure to get a one piece rod, two piece will not survive up there.
The most popular reel on our bridges is the Abu 7000i with levelwind for all around jigging and bait use. For bait only a 501 Jigmaster (narrow spool) works great and can be found cheap (get the aluminum spool)

For out front the choices are many, from the inexpensive Squidder and Uglystick bait combos to the top of the line Lami/AFAW/Rainshadow and Abu/Daiwa Luna/ Shimano Te plugging combos (be sure to get a levelwind reel if you're going to plug).
Be prepared to spend more if you want to plug with the setup. A difficult to control setup will be so aggravating that you'll end up never using it.
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