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this time of year in the cannal, it was probably bluefish bustin all over the surface..with some schoolies mixed in...floatsum had a good point..the cows are usually on the bottom suckin up the scraps.....if you can figure out which direction the school of blues are going cast your jig just behind the school...let it drop..if presented should pick up a big bass within a few minutes...the big bass are usually between 50-100 yards behind the blues on the bottom grazzing like lazy cows..everytime ive seen the birds workin like was always on the other side of the canal from where ever i was....accept once...and at the time i had no idea what to do...i was throwing top water poppers to try and land whatever was on top..and sure enough, blues for me..but a few of the regulars yeilded good size bass...that day was the first time i ever heard of the bass being under the blues...
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