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For me, fishing bucktails is like fishing a rubber worm for largemouths.
Sometimes a "dressing" helps, usually I find it's not always best too. (one of them sometimes things)
I've had best luck fishing slow. When I think I'm too slow,, slow it some more. I prefer a stiffer rod, and keep in contact with the jig at all times. A sensative rod is a plus too because often a "pickup" is very delicate. Sometimes it's a hit and run,,, but usually it's just a light tap, or resistance in the normal retrieve. Set right away,,, even if you only think there maybe a pickup. They can be that delicate. Almost like a trout slurpin a fly.
I see a lot of folks casting and retrieving like it's a swimmer or a Cast Master. Occasionally they'll hook up,,, however, the guys around him that try and sneak it across the bottom (sorta like playing hide and seek) seem to catch 10:1.
In a strong tide I like to cast up current, and maintain just enough contact as it swings down and try to keep it from tumbling blindly. Only adding enough if it fetches on the bottom to free it up and continue the swing.
I think the simple bucktail is the hardest to fish effectively. It's unlike fishing any other lure.
Well, anyways, that's how I work them and it seems to work for me. Especially around a pod of blues!
I'm hooked on tins and jigs. So much so,, this is the first year I've fished any plugs of any sort in a good many years.
If you're not loosing jigs,,, you're doing something wrong.
Try to picture-
Puffs of sand getting kicked up
Make like searching for food with your jig
If using a tail, think squid trying to drag a meal to a safe dining area
Try to look like an easy meal to a disinterested bass
Try working with the current,, but keep it facing into current like a bait fish would
Try working around rocks, not up & over
Stay just above weeds and then just under in the next cast
Try back reeling into a strong current
Maybe worth a try, good luck.
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