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Congratulations to Nova
on their Federal Fisheries Department?s Recreational Fisheries Awards.

Little did David Doggett know at the time, but when his dad took his hand and led the young lad to a favoured trout fishing spot in the Annapolis Valley, he was setting his son on a path that would ultimately have an impact on many others.
It continued to be a family affair with his wife Angela adopting her husband's passion for angling after he took her to one of his favourite fishing spots on their second date. "Well, she had to know," he says.
Today, Mr. Doggett has an even more important reason to see fish stocks revitalized. He'll be adding another far smaller fishing rod to the one he always carries in the back of the car, which will belong to their infant son.
Mr. Doggett has also spread his love for angling and concern for the environment through a website he and his wife created called The success of the couple's site earned them a place of honour at a ceremony in Parliament Hill last week as they were named one of five recipients of the federal Fisheries Department's Recreational Fisheries Awards.
The department says in a news release that the Doggetts were selected for their efforts to open up Nova Scotia's recreational fishery to the local community and beyond while promoting conservation efforts of all fish stocks.
Mr. Doggett said he likes to promote the benefits of catch and release, but his aim is to let anglers discuss the issues and not impose his thoughts on others. He said the website has evolved into an angler and educational forum that goes beyond what even he had hoped for.
"We now have 4,200 members registered, so they take part in discussions. And we're receiving 15,000 unique visitors a month," referring to people who go on the site to see what it has to offer.
"I didn't know much about the award until I was told I was one of the recipients," Mr. Doggett said. Several members of his website nominated the couple, citing their contributions in promoting recreational fishing and conservation methods.
"We are extremely honoured to have received it," he said.
Mr. Doggett said he is particularly concerned about Atlantic salmon, speckled trout and striped bass, all native to Nova Scotia, whose stocks have been harmed by acid rain and over-fishing.
Federal Fisheries Minister Loyola Hearn said in a press release, "This year's recipients are among the thousands of volunteers in Canada whose love for recreational fishing plays an important role in enhancing our fish and fish habitat.
Halifax Herald Limited
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