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Originally Posted by FyshhTrap View Post
Such a Great Day today, not just fishing but because of the people I met on the River and this Is what it is all about, especially for me .
Loaded up my Bike and went to the Bruno Wall in hopes to meet some people I met last week and what happened was just so great .
I was watching the River and the Early incoming tide and was met by some people who were relatively new to the Spring fishing experience.
I had my ODM Rod and a Shimano Long Cast reel worth $1300 but just decided to watch the people trying to catch Herring and offering some advice on just how to do just that .
Now most people had sufficient rods but I asked a few to try my outfit after they saw a few casts , None would , but they Did listen to some of my strange wisdom of Why and how Stripers do their thing on the river , and Tide changes etc .. I also helped a young lad with a Herring rig which he had tied a Rock to the end in hopes to entice a Herring , I quickly removed the rock and tied a 1 oz. sinker to that rig and told him how to cast and retrieve it .

This was met by an immediate Herring , I also told him why the Herring rig was beneficial and what it represented to that Herring , he was soo thankful .

I guess what I am saying is that it isn't just the catching so much as the understanding and helping others who are just coming into this fantastic sport.
There was also a lot of questions of Catfishing and Walleye , but generally I hoped that I could clear some of those also .

My day ended with one small 24" male below the 378 bridge and just soo much gratification of helping a Great few people get some opinion on the "Hows and Whys" of what to do .

Please share all you can to all to help build a better fishery and better relations with all who enjoy this sport !!


I'll try to leave out the part where the guys in the $30,000 boat pulled right into the Poestenkill(Bruno Wall ) and basically moved 4 guys fishing for Herring right off the corner , yup they sure did , And there was a young girl in the boat learning that Fishing Ettiquette , like I said I wont get into That conversation.
Ive fished that area in my initial attempts...years ago. You did a great thing for that kid, now heíll pass what heís learned on to his friends and itíll be more enjoyable for all of them.
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