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Default Piscataqua Rive - The Narrows

Hello All,
I wet a hook for the first time in a while about a half-mile upriver from the narrows at Atlantic Heights, basically at the Newington industrial park. It was Tuesday, 8/12/14 at 1200 local time. Cast and retrieve from shore, Hopkins Hammered Shorty, and got no action. But....there were a lot of bait fish around, minnows jumping around. I didn't fish long, just during my lunch break. I wish that I had had more time, the minnows were making me think that there may have been some feeders around. Man, I know that the current moves fast through there, but casting into it gave me an appreciation for just how fast it's really going. I've always done better with Rebel floating minnows, will try those next time.
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