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Default Reel Maintenance and cleaning help

After some here get done laughing at me I hope a few will chime in with some info.

I loaned a buddy 2 of my down rigger rods to go fishing with another friend of his in his boat. He never said they were going deep sea fishing. My gear is only ever used in fresh water lakes and I keep it all as clean and well oiled as any one.

I got my rods & reels back and they look like they have been through the ringer and are covered in salt.

I stripped all the line off, needed replacing any way and I dumped both reels in the sink with hot, soapy (Dawn Dish Detergent) water and I washed and brushed all the salt off with a tooth brush. I rinsed them very well and they are in the sun drying now.

My question is what must I do next? These are 20 year old Penn 210 High Speed level wind reels that have always been fantastic in every way for the trout, salmon and walleyes I go after. Do I need to take them all apart to clean, dry and re lubricate the innards? I know the obvious oil points located around the reels but have to wonder if a full frame off restoration is now necessary. Both feel fine and I did get rid of the grinding sounds they made with the salt all over them.

NO! he will not get to barrow any of my gear in the future! I know these reels are well suited for fishing in a salt environment but they all look like crap after just a few years if not washed and rinsed after every outing.

Thanks Gary
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