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Default Never Been Surfcasting

Hey guys, just curious I see people fishing the surf all the time, but me personally I've never been. I've fished from the docks at a local marina for some Bluefish.
But I don't think that's the same as surf fishing.
I feel as if the 10'+ rods are what scares me and that crazy pendulum casting I don't want to be the reason someone has a hole in their ear =]
But I would love to try so anyone know of any places where I can go that's not too crowded in the Long Island area?
Also Please point me in the right direction for tackle as in rods, reels, lines, and other terminal tackle.
I would like to try plugging and also baiting.
I strictly fish conventional but I'm willing to go with spinning also just cause of the fact that I'm going to be new to this and I know that spinning reels are easier to cast with.
Please help this newb out!
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