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The 7', in my opinion, may be a little short for surfcasting in July. But it could work. During the Fall Run, I use 7 footers primarily, bur the fish are also "running", and are right up on shore at your feet. If you want to heave some chunk bait, I would recommend a 9 or 10' Ugly Stik. However, you might run into some Bluefish there, so the 7' with say a Gag's Bluefish Bomb lure would work just fine. But, I would go ahead and respool that reel that came as part of that combo. I wouldnt trust the line combo's come with ;) If you find some structure, you should find some fish. I would focus on fishing either dusk, at night, or at dawn (twilight hours). If you have access to wood plugs like Danny's and Pencil Poppers, the Blurple (black/purple) and white colors will be a good start. Also, if there's Blue's around, make sure you have some steel leaders, or else you can kiss your new topwater plugs goodbye lol.

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