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Default Re: Slim Beauty Knot / Fg - Sebile Knot - for Mono to braid

Originally Posted by zimno1 View Post
have you met me? "boy i opened a can of worms with this one"
No Sir, We haven't had the opportunity to stand to each other and shake hands(yet) . I'm looking foreward to that day. I'll be in SI this summer to take advantage of that opportunity if it's possible. I'de like to fish when im there. Fishing With America's Finest. Remember one thing. The only can of worms opened up is the can we open together to use as bait to enjoy our time together. Thank you for your dedication to our Country and it's people who come and go Freely as they please. I know the pain involved in the persuit of Freedom! I thank you for your partisipation in the quest for it. NO SOLDERS,NO FREEDOM!!!
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