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Originally Posted by Dabba View Post
Ive seen the kastmasters and they peaked my interest, but always used hopkins. Are you suggesting a smaller one for smaller fish or do you prefer the kastmaster over the hopkins? Also if i were to pick one up, do you prefer the tube, or bucktail one? I like the bucktail hopkins as you can see.
Hopkins are definately a great lure.
However, they are only second place.

Seriously, how could one ever live without a complete assortment of the #1... Kastmaster. They work good either way as manufactured, but there's sooo much more to them.

Depending on your rod, get a 2 or 3 oz Kastmaster, replace whatever is on the back for hook with a #7 or 8 and take that plastic eel and mount it on the hook with some glue so it'll swim inline.
The Kastmaster will give that eel more action than a horny man at a nympho convention!

There are sooo many things that a Kastmaster can work with.
Join a 2 oz to a 3/4-1 oz end for end, tie in some rooster hackle on the hook and it's definately a killer squid imitation.

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