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Default Re: Newbie to lures, comment on my selection

Very decent start. When Im scratching my head - which is quite often -
I subscribe to the bassdozer method and The 5 basic food groups.

"If I do not know what fish want, then I will deliberately rotate lures from each of the "food groups" until something clicks with the fish. That is, I'll try a predominantly white lure, a predominantly black lure, a neutral-colored lure, a flash lure and then a bold color in rotation. Doesn't matter to me if it is day, night, twilight, sunny, cloudy, calm or rough water, clear water or dirty water, deep or shallow. Doesn't matter one bit..."
Russ Bassdozer

1) Predominantly white or white-bellied lures
2) Predominantly black lures, including black/purple, black/blue, black/red, and other primarily black combos
3) Neutral, subtle, muted lures, ranging from a Smoky Joe pattern on a crankbait, a natural tan-colored surgical tube lure, a translucent smoke-colored soft plastic bait, a transparent plastic popper, or a clear amber darter.
4) Flash colors, including of course tins, chrome-sided plugs or those with metallic inserts, or soft plastic baits that are fundamentally clear and laced with heavy doses of metal flakes in the soft plastic. By the way, gold flash is a highly desirable color to fish at times...and even copper flash...but there are few copper flash lures on the market.
5) Bold shock colors, the most familiar of which are fluorescent green, hot chartreuse, school bus yellow, fire tiger, and hot pink bubblegum.

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