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Default Re: New to Teaser Rigs

to a popper is ehhh?
but it's done.
a dropper loop 3' from the lure.
and a beeotch to cast but it needs to be far enough away.
i have used a dropper with the fly on the loop already before you make it.
and before you make the loop twist the line in your fingers and make a loop from the line spinning as it will spin a braid of loop a few inches. then make the dropper and pull the twizzler looking loop through and cinch. now you have a stiffer loop that will less likely to foul as a plain loop or a cut one that is tied longer. i like it 3 inches away from the main line and sometimes more but then with toothy fish you could use a bite guard steel and that is a pic i must show and my camera is down. with a shad it is pia to cast a 3' section with a teaser unless it's a larger one but take my word it should be at least that far away or more.

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