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Default Re: Newbie to lures, comment on my selection

hopkins has no equal "get it"
i always have a shorty and a couple of them in 2oz 3oz shit, i have a 6 oz hopkins to throw.
get the 5 oz kastmaster and you will just be stunned at the distance with 30# braid.
i forgot what you said in the thread now.
oh, the bucktail is great but the tube i think gets the most hits.
slugg-go's at night but in the day you cannot work them too fast or too slow. it is a freak thing like bucktailing.
you pop a bucktail off the bottom but in montauk you just reel it in along the bottom consistently.
funny thing but i will give you a tip, take the split tail pork rind and with a scissors slice it down the middle and make it into 2. the skinny long one has better action and it makes more tails to fish with.
yellow bucktails in the later part of the day and
white in the early morning is the consensus and when in rome?

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