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Default Re: Newbie to lures, comment on my selection

Ive seen the kastmasters and they peaked my interest, but always used hopkins. Are you suggesting a smaller one for smaller fish or do you prefer the kastmaster over the hopkins? Also if i were to pick one up, do you prefer the tube, or bucktail one? I like the bucktail hopkins as you can see.

yeah that one big bucktail is too big to cast, idk why i put it in the picture, i have the one i just bought and the slightly smaller one just like it. I use the red/white forked pork rinds with them.

Ill check out the bass assasins, i didnt see much of a difference but if the bass assasins provide a better presentation ill go for em. I also use wire on all my lures as im expecting blues, but hoping for a bass.

I mostly fish from about 5pm to just after dusk depending on who im with and such, i imagine the sluggos are only good for after dark? I saw them in the store im guessing i need to get hooks and rig them up on my own? Can i use them while its still light out?

I have a bunker snag and ive been thinking about trying to snag a few and use em as bait, but where i fish there really arnt any bunker, i need to find some back bay spots on the way out. When you say liveline i guess you mean snag a bunker and then just let him swim around until a bass hits? I would love to try it!

Sweedish pimples look odd if im looking at them right, like a longer hopkins?

All the info you just provided me is invaluable and i thank you, i think ill look around for some bass assasins in the bunker or porgy variety and at kastmasters. (i have to admit i see alot of people using kastmasters on the beach but ever since ive been young on the boat me and my dad have been using hopkins)
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