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Default Frank Woolner - A Biographical sketch

ABOVE: Frank Woolner (left) of Shrewsbury, MA, in 1973 with TV sports
personality Curt Gowdy discussing striped bass fishing tackle on Cape
Cod during the filming of the ABC-TV American Sportsman Show.
(Photo from 3rd Armored Div. Association files)

- A Biographic Sketch -
In World War II, Woolner saw frontline combat action during 1944 as a reconnaissance sergeant with the 703rd Tank Destroyer Bn of the 3rd Armored Division (3AD) through France and Belgium. He also served as the Battalion's chief writer for press & historical purposes, as he had during 1942-44 during the 703rd's training in the States and England.
On Sept. 13, 1944, the day after the 3AD first entered wartime Germany, Woolner was promoted to the Division Headquarters G-2 Section (intelligence & public affairs). There, he went to work for Lt. Col. Andrew Barr and Major Haynes Dugan as, in his own words, a war correspondent, junior grade historian, observer, and a scribbler of things world shaking.
When the war ended in May, 1945, Sgt. Woolner stayed in occupied Germany with a headquarters production staff to research and publish the 3AD history chronicle "Spearhead in the West." Woolner was the author of the main narrative of the book, which would become a military classic and is a collector's item today. He returned to the States in the fall of 1945.
In civilian life, Woolner, born in 1916 and a native New Englander from Shrewsbury, Mass., would eventually became a nationally recognized expert on ocean and fresh-water sport fishing. He was also an authority on hunting, natural history, and conservation in New England. Woolner was a newspaper columnist; the Editor of Salt Water Sportsman Magazine of Boston for over twenty years; and wrote or co-wrote seven books on fishing and hunting. He also co-hosted a weekly TV show in the Boston area for a number of years with his brother Jack called "Woolner Brothers Outdoors."

Books by Frank Woolner
(all post-WWII)
  • Spearhead in the West (with Maj. Murray H. Fowler)
  • My New England
  • Modern Saltwater Sport Fishing
  • Grouse Hunting
  • Tackle Talk (with Henry Lyman)
  • The Complete Book of Striped Bass Fishing (with Henry Lyman)
  • The Complete Book of Weakfishing (with Henry Lyman)
  • The Sportsman's Companion (with Henry Lyman, E. C. Janes, and Clyde Ormond)
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