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Originally Posted by striperjim View Post
A bit of investigation brings me to a lure maker in Missouri.
First post we need to be careful.
- But we must warn any potential buyers that this is a public forum and we make every attempt to clear the sellers first.

Having said that - Buyer Beware -
Thank you Joe

Steve Welcome
If you wish to advertize please contact the owners. It wouldnt be fair to the paid advertizers..

I will add your site to the Tackle Companies Big and small threads

I am not advertising anything nor am I offering anything for sale...just trying to see if there is any interest in anyone wanting to get some wood blanks for Pikie Minnow plugs.

And someone else here has investigated and found my web site and lure making activities...I did not post them here.......

But if you care to do a little more investigation you can check me out on the Ebay auction (same name as my web site) where I sold lots of my wood lures and kits....all with a 30 day money back guarantee....if they did not like it for any reason-simply return it for a full refund. Sold lots of them with a 100 % feedback rating...and did not receive any back for warranty. A check of my specific feedback there will show you that I am not the crook or scoundrel that you have come to think everyone who is "new" will be........

I am no longer selling lures or kits on I just do not like having to pay a 20-25 % commission on my items......nor will I be paying much to advertise them elsewhere either. I am retired and don't need the I have a comfortable income from other investments and such.

And my guy who turned these blanks said he had several contracts with the Creek Chub Lure Company in the 60' and 70's and made these blanks for them. Why would he lie about that......he quit making lure blanks for other commercial lure manufactures perhaps 10-12 years ago...... and I had to try to convince him to go back into his wood shop to make me some of the Pikie blanks.....he did not come to me to try to sell them to me. Nor am I trying to sell them here. He needs a minimum order of about 400 or so to make it worth his time and effort to set up the lathe for the automatic production of this old time lure blank.

So perhaps I should have said......." Looking for someone to share an order of Pikie Minnow type plug blanks..." Steve
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