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Default Pikie Minnow Blanks - Wood

I recently was able to buy out an old time lure maker who has retired. He used to make wood blanks, under contract, for many of the major lure manufacturersincluding Gilmore, Fred Arbogast, and Creek Chub to name a few.

I have a few of his Pikie Minnow blanks now...but those are not for sale.

He had a recent back operation and has told me that he is much better than he used to be, and believes he will shortly be able to go back working in his wood shop to make up some more blanks for another individual who has ordered some.

I contacted him recently and asked if he would be interested in making some of the Pikie Minnow blanks for me....and he said that he would.

He had a lot of low resin Sugar Pine on hand still....and has said he has orderd new wood for the other blanks his customer now wants.....

Enclosed here is a photo of two of the Pikie Minnow blanks in sugar pine that he had made....many years ago. He still has the jigs and can again turn our about as many as I would want....but I need to give him an order for at least 500 of these blanks (for each size) to make it worth his time and effort to set up the automatic lathe to do this job. by the way...the lather was made in Germany at a cost of around $ 30.000.00....and can turn out perhaps a wood blank about every 30-45 seconds....and they are all exactly alike.

Here is a photo of two of the Pikie's that I have now.......they both feature a 1/8' hole from front to rear (for thru wire construction) and eye holes, as well as belly holes.
They can easily be weighted with the addition of 1/8 inch weights in the nose, belly or tail...or all three if desired. They will also be made with the lip grove already in too.

The estimated cost for 500 of these blanks is going to be around $ 1.00 to $ 1.25 each.....and I want perhaps 100 of them for will have around 300-400 of them to share with others - if there is interest.

Nothing for a "heads up" to see if others want to get in on this to get some of the Pikie blanks for themselves......

Please contact me thru Email if you are interested........and the price for the blanks above is just a 'guesstimate'...they may run less or more....depending......

Photo.....the small Pikie is 5 3/4 inches in length....the larger one is 7 3/4 inch.

I am not seeing the photo I will post it up to my own website...and then will put a link to it on my next post here.


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