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Lake Freeman/Lake Shafer

WHAT THEY'RE CATCHING: Bluegill, channel catfish, striped bass.

BAIT: shiner minnows, soft craws (stripers).

NOTES: Catfish are being caught in the river and near Oakdale Dam, and both silvers and wipers have been caught near the dam, too. The water is very muddy due to the dredging, and water level at the dam is low.

Brookville Reservoir

WHAT THEY'RE CATCHING: Bluegill, channel catfish, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, striped bass, walleye.

BAIT: Bee larvae (bluegill), nightcrawlers, chicken livers (catfish), crankbaits (largemouth, ), nightcrawlers, soft craws (smallmouth), bluegill or live shad (striped bass), nightcrawlers, shad-like crankbaits (walleye).

NOTES: Largemouth are being caught along the shoreline and on deep points, and smallmouth are on rocky points and drop-offs at coves. Some have reported catching stripers 50 feet deep.
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