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Default Live Well Usage

OK, trying to decide how to rig my new boat. I fish out of the Merrimack and the new boat is a 25 foot Whaler that has a below deck fish box that could easily be plumbed to make a live well. For the past few years I have been using a home-made live well made from a plastic barrel cut down with a bilge pump on a rope that I hang over the side. It works fine for the couple times a season I use it.'

My question is, how much use would I get out of the live well? I usually only grab mackerel for 2-3 weeks in the spring when they are around thick. Then the macks disappear and I fish chunks for the rest of the season except for maybe some ill-fated attempts to fish eels (haven't figure them out yet, but keep on trying).

Is the live bait around later in the season? Should I rig up the livewell and try and learn where to catch macks later into the season?
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