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Default Re: How To: 50 % off Badger Airbrush

I would stay away from the Badger 150.... I have one, when it's good it's very good, but when it is bad... it's terrible.. basicly is a very fickle brush, paint has a tendency to dry on the tip, thus warranting constant cleaning... if you forget, it spats out a huge wad of paint at the worst possible time..

I also have a
badger Cresenda 175.... this is a good brush, it sprays metalics well, in fact, I'm quite sure it would spray gravel!It also does fine lines anf=d detail too, it's major down fall is the needle protrudes beyond the nose cone, so, it is VERY easy to bend... keep spares on hand and you will have no problem...

I just got an Iwata a week ago... blows the Badgrs away!
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