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Default Re: New Herring Bait Regs

It says:
"The significant impact to Hudson River anglers was that
the emergency regulations did not allow the use of herring caught in the Hudson Rivers tributaries to be used in the main stem of the Hudson."

Then further defines this:

"The Hudson River downstream from the Federal Dam at Troy to the Battery
at the southern tip of Manhattan Island and all tributaries to the first
barrier impassable by fish is considered one water body. Locks and dams are
considered impassable barriers;"

There may be different breeding populations, or some othe factor. I do not know. It appears to me that they are defining areas, of The Hudson itself. It does not appear this is solely implying the use of Herring to catch fish other than in the Hudson. But in various segments of The Hudson.

It does seem a very vague law. With more loop holes on the side of enforcement. Fopr example if you were to purchase herring for bait, it would need to be done dockside, as overland transport is unlawful.

That being said, you are able to use personally harvested Herring on the same body of water. So hypothetically, you could go to a herring run, harvest live bait, and throw them for stripers there. The question being where does the run become a tributary, and not the Hudson itself. Confusing, to be sure.

It refers to far more than Herring though. I might be tempted to check out my local shop and see what they have done as far as regulations. Perhaps captive breed shiners and such, have a certification. I do not know.
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