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I have to go back to the Lami XS 101 MS. It's the most versitile rod I've ever owned. I read your post to say that you prefer baitfishing with a spin reel. If that's the case you can throw a Shimano baitrunner on the Lami and it's a great bait stick.

Lists at $280 but if you shop you can get it for less. I got mine for less then $220. Check your PMs

In your research pay close attention to whether or not a rod can work a pencil popper. Most of the graphite rods out there are great for swimmers but most of them don't flex down far enough to make a pencil dance. The deeper flex also allows the 101 to snap cast a much lighter jig or plug then most other rods would be able to while still having enough power in the butt to control a large fish.
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