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Originally Posted by AviD

Thanks for the informative response. I can imagine my question is quite broad. What would be a better way of presenting my question?
What kind of fishing do you do the most of and where do you do it?

I fish pretty much everywhere and over the years rods for each application have found their way into my garage.


Raritan Bay, early spring, cold water - worm and clam throwing, conventional:
Daiwa 30-405S, 12', 3 oz and a clam.
Raritan Bay, late spring, warmer water - bunker chunking, conventional:
Medium weights (4 to 6 oz) Breakaway LDFC 119-2,
Heavier weights (6 to 10 ox) Harnell 542,
Just for fun, 11' honey Lami (I don't know the model #) and an Alvey 6500

Surf, bait, conventional:
I'll use all of the above depending on the conditions plus a Lamiglas 150 2 Hatteras style heaver for sending the really big stuff very far.

Plugging conventional:
Light - 10' Star Nickelite with a Shimano Conquest 400.
Medium - 9'10" Purglas 300-1 with a Shimano Conquest 400.
Heavy - 11' Breakaway LDFC 119-2 with an Abu 6500 Mag Elite.

Plugging, spinning:
Sight fishing in the bay, small plugs and jigs, Rogue 804 or a Rogue 904
Jigging in the rivers, 9' Harnell
Medium plugging, Purglas 300-1
Pencil popping and very large wood Grizzly/Fenwick Su1388
Light plugging on jetties, 9' Harnell
Plugging on Sandy Hook, Purglas 300-1 (too fragile to bring near rocks)
General all around plugging in the surf and on the jetties, Lamiglas XS 101 MS

Now add on bridge rods, boat rods, livelining rods, baitrunner style rods, Montauk rods and you see why your question is hard to answer without knowing what the primary use is.

Where also plays a big role. If you're fishing the surf in Sandy Hook you can expect the fish to often be within 10 yards of the beach. Down south where there's a much more gradual slope to the beach you'll often find the fish way out past the second or third bar. The setup I use on Sandy Hook isn't going to be able to cast even halfway as far as I may need to down in Avalon or Wildwood.
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