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That's a pretty broad question. To be honest, an entire book could be written to try and cover it.

You really need two setups for fishing Jersey, a plugging outfit and a bait fishing outfit.

If I could only have one rig to throw plugs it would be a Lamiglas XS 101 MS with a Penn 706 spooled with 20# Fireline (or a Van Staal 250 if I wanted to go top line)

For bait fishing my favorite (by far) is the Breakaway LDFC 119-2 conventional. With an Abu Mag Elite 6500 it can cast father then anything I've ever thrown before and unlike most purely distance oriented rods it fights a fish extremely well.
BTW, so long as there's enough water to allow access over the bar most of the fish you'll catch in NJ will be within 20 yards of the beach. Only at low water the do you need to make the longer casts to reach the other side.

With those two setups you can do anything you might want to do in NJ short of bridge or boat fishing.
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