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Excellent, thanks for the prompt response.

I guess I should add, will I need a setup for both bait and plugging the beaches/jetties? And then another setup for bait and plugging for the Delaware? (Total of 4) Or maybe I can reuse one/both of the setups for both applications?

Or is there a "generic" setup that I can leverage off of where I can do both bait and plugging but may not have the "best of both worlds" but enough to get me into some decent sized fish.

Nevertheless, I think my focus is more so bait fishing for now, since I can still use my current rod and reel for plugging like I used to, I just won't have the range. But if I put PowerPro on it, that may give me a bit more range. I threw alot of bombers back then, not super heavy but I could get some range with them...wind of course sucks! :)

To be honest, the more I read and think about it, the more overwhelmed I get with the options...I'm sure thats the case in alot of things. I'll keep on reading and hopefully I can get some more feedback.
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