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Default Striper Gear/Rod/Reel - Surf/Jetty/River fishing?

Hey all, first time poster here. Got a link to the forum from a friend when I posted the thread below on another site (so this is somewhat a crosspost). I have read through the Beginner sections, but they don't really address any specifics when it comes to models of rods or reels. I am not new to saltwater or fishing, and am about as fast and aggressive a learner as you'll meet. Really just looking to get right into the mix of things and figured I'd tap into any of the knowledgeable minds out there that would be willing to give me a good push in the right direction.

Below is the excerpt from my other post and pretty much explains where I stand today on my quest to get back into striper fishing. Note there are references to NJ, so this is pretty much all NJ specific info:


I am planning on getting back into striper fishing but wanted to run some ideas and questions by you. I'm an all or none kinda guy, so I figure if I'm going to get into it, I want to spend the money up front and get the right gear.

I want to start spending more time fishing for one, and I figure my weekday evenings/nights are pretty light, so my plan is to fish alot mid week after work, which translates to quite a bit of driving, but knowing how bad the saltwater bug bites me, I see it being worth it.

I live down near Philly in Mount Laurel, and will be traveling to either the shore (Belmar/Point Pleasant areas) via 295 to 195 OR fishing the Delaware out by Trenton and Southward?

I'll be perfectly honest, I don't know much about striper fishing other than my dabs in it when I was in HS and college where I had reasonable success plugging for them off the beach/jetties in Monmouth and Ocean counties. I was fishing a pretty modest (and unreasonable?) 7'6" Penn Slammer heavy action rod with 20lb mono on a Shakespeare Sigma reel. Right off the bat, the rod is too heavy and too short for surf fishing, but it did manage to catch me a few fish. The reel has been a champ when it comes to performance and longevity (have had that bad boy for probably 15 years now and it's still running great) and it has caught ALOT of bluefish (on the boats) and some stripers on the shore. In fact, the setup was really for spinning bluefish on boats, flipping bunker chunks out into the slick when the blues were up high and out far, with a heavy/short stick to battle em in quick.

Anyway, I'm deviating here. I'm really looking for some tips on how best to get started with the goal of fishing for stripers on the beach/jetty on the coast and river on the Delaware.

I am not sure if ONE rod/reel combo can do both effectively.

From what I'm reading (which is what I generally try to do when I decide I'm going to go all into something like this), it looks like I'll need at least a 10 foot rod for surf fishing to get out past the 2nd/3rd break if I want to get into the bigger fish. Likewise, I am not sure if a 10 foot+ rod will work for river fishing or for plugging (maybe if I get a light enough one?). I've never bought a rod/reel specifically with stripers in mind, so I'm really just trying to find a good starting point to get myself more involved in the sport, and give me something to do after work during the week...and yeah gas prices are going to kill me!

I'm sure there are a million opinions and preferences for these types of fishing conditions, so lay em on me.

For now, I am planning on outfitting my Sigma reel with some 8lb diameter/30lb Powerpro with probably 10-20 yards of mono shock leader and a small 3-4 foot running leader, mainly for plugging. Thinking about going up to Sportsmen's Center and Harry's to talk to the guys up there and get some opinions as well.

Anyone have any advice, recommendations, good readings, please let me know. Also if anyone fishes down here on the Delaware, I could really use a good shove in the right direction on some places worth checking out, or even some websites worth reading to give me a good start.

I'm sure pricing is on the mind, I'm willing to dish out a bit of coin but would like to stay under $500 for the combo if possible. But to be honest, I'm not one to skimp on equipment, even if its a little hard on my wallet. Last thing I want to deal with is failing gear when I'm on the water. I can live on bread and water for a little while, but can't live with failing/inefficient gear! :)

Thanks in advance for any help!



I don't know if it is useful, but as a first time visitor/user of the forum, I think it's great. The beginner sections are awesome, I think the only recommendation I can provide from an "outsider/new user perspective" is to add more detail on recommendations for rod/reel selections given a certain price range? I hate asking this beginner question here because I'm sure it's been addressed before. I'll continue to search through and read the other threads with similar topics, but not sure if any address the dual requirement for surf/jetty and river fishing combo, if it is even possible?
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