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Here's some tips and answers to the most often asked questions...

1.) If your getting a white page with an "Internal Server Error", this is not on our end. Unfortunately it's the web hosting companies server configurations that cause this error, and there is nothing we can do to correct it because we dont have access to the physical server(s). I have been made of this error coming here when trying to post pics sometimes, as well as on the MM board when trying to type in the security Question and Answer. I have contacted the host about this server error problem, and hope to get atleast an answer from them on this.

2.) If you log in and get a "phpbbsecurity thinks you should go away..." screen, please contact me at the email below. This was happening to those who were part of Usergroups that Moderated some forums. What happened was, the security features thought those members in the groups that Moderated forums were actually Moderators. The board was calling up more Staff than the security mod would allow. I had to remove these groups in order to get those who were in them back on the board. These groups included the Rod N Lure Building group, the Member Services group, Jr. Anglers Group, and a few regional groups. We will work on putting Groups back together once we get this security update squared away, and make sure everyone has access to the board like usual.

3.) If you are having any problems, please contact me, [email protected].

This update warrants a mass email to members, so I will be sending this out everyone to give them a heads up.

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