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Default Re: Fishing sandworms from the surf.

Originally Posted by Stoke88 View Post
I've been reading a lot about how people are reeling in these hog size fish on sand worms. I was also informed by my uncle who has recently spent a weekend in Old Orchard Beach, ME that you can find these little guys right beneath your feet. Whats the preferred way to rig the worms from the surf? Are they fished just like chunked Mack or clams? Let em' soak for 10-15 min and check the bait type of thing? Any help is appreciated.

Float 'em 2 at a time a few inches below a styrafoam float on a 6/0 circle hook. First one in thru the head feeding it a few inches onto the hook and pulling thru so the rest hangs down. Second one in thru the back an inch or so down from the head (like you're hanging it on a hanger) and come out thru the head between the pinchers. The key to both is making sure the hook goes in thru the head for the first and comes out thru the head of the second one. You won't fling the worms while casting and with the float you will keep off bottom enough so crabs won't be an issue. I fish this way almost exclusively (on OOB) and do pretty well. You will pick up small schoolies if they're around but you can also catch larger fish if they're around. Good luck man
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